Around 12 years ago, a guy called Patrick thought we should have an art prize for up and coming Tasmanian artists. Patrick had a quiet word with David. David offered $8,000, and the Mona Scholarship was born. Someone else called Jim ran the show for a while. After a couple of years the prize was upped to $12,500, then $15,000, and Lindy got involved. As of 2012, Mona has given 14 artists $175,000.

    Emerging Tasmanian artists apply to Mona for the $15,000 prize. The money is used to buy materials and equipment for an exhibition at Mona 12 months after receiving the Scholarship. The exhibition is held at the Mona Library Gallery, and Mona selects one piece for their permanent collection. The remainder of the works can be sold to the public, with the artist keeping the profit.

    Alternating images from:
    'The Three Ages of Woman' by Sonia Heap.
    Images © Peter White
    'A Composition of Ideas: Reflective Space for the Player Piano' by Cath Robinson.
    Images © Peter Angus Robinson
    2010 Scholarship Winners.



    The 2014 Scholarship winner will be announced at STARS IN DISGUISE, an exhibition by Rahni Allan, our 2013 winner. Rahni is a multimedia artist and a graduate of the Tasmanian School of Art. She's also the first to receive the new and improved version of the scholarship prize - $15,000 (previously $12,500). Lucky Rahni, thank you David! All Mona scholarship applicants are invited to the opening of her exhibition.


    STARS IN DISGUISE opening night:
    Thursday December 11 2014, 6pm-8pm

    STARS IN DISGUISE public opening:
    Friday December 12 2014

    STARS IN DISGUISE closing date:
    Sunday January 11 2015


    Application opening date:
    Monday October 13 2014

    Application closing date:
    Friday November 28 2014, 5pm

    Please note:
    No late applications will be accepted

    For more information contact:
    Jarrod Rawlins



    1. There is no cash. The money is for making art - equipment, materials, framing, etc. (what you buy will be relative to the style of art you make)

    2. If you're a full time under-grad or post-grad student, sorry, you can't apply

    3. We don't cover any classes, courses or study

    4. We don't cover travel

    5. We don't supply credit cards

    6. You need to tell us about any awards, bursaries, prizes, allowances, residencies, scholarships, study or travel you will be taking.

    7. You should have lived in Tasmania for at least 12 months before applying. If you win, your permanent residential address must be in Tasmania for the following 12 months

    8. You may live interstate, but consider yourself Tasmanian. That's nice, but you can't apply

    9. If you have a relationship with a commercial gallery, tell them that you're applying for the Scholarship BEFORE you apply

    10. One piece from the exhibition will be selected for Mona's permanent collection

    11. You should be available for quarterly reviews if you win

    12. You'll be advised by email if you win

    13. The Judge's decision is final. No feedback can be given on individual applications



    2001: PHAEDRA BROTHERS - Painter
    2002: ANDREW EVANS - Sculptor
    2003: KATHRYN FALUDI BALL - Photographer
    2004: PHILIP MCKAY - Painter
    2005: ALAN YOUNG - Painter
    2007: REBECCA COOTE - Sculptor, glass
    2007: ROB O'CONNOR - Painter
    2008: ALICIA KING - Bio-artist
    2008: JAMES NEWITT - Time-based media
    2009: SARA WRIGHT - Ceramicist
    2009: JUDITH ABELL - Sculptor
    2010: CATH ROBINSON - Installation/sound artist
    2010: SONIA HEAP - Installation artist working in dress
    2011: ALYSSA SIMONE - Digital media
    2012: PIP STAFFORD - Media artist
    2013: RAHNI ALLAN - Multimedia artist
    2014: LIAM JAMES - Photographic artist