Some years ago, a guy called Patrick thought we should have an art prize for up-and-coming Tasmanian artists. Patrick had a quiet word with David. David offered $8000, and the Mona Scholarship was born. Someone called Jim ran the show for a while. After a couple of years the prize was upped to $12500, and Lindy (David's sister) got involved.

    Nowadays, the Mona Scholarship is no longer. Instead, we partner with Detached Cultural Organisation and Contemporary Art Tasmania on support and opportunity program, SHOTGUN. Read more about it here

    Past Mona Scholarship Winners
    2001: Phaedra Brothers, Painter
    2002: Andrew Evans, Sculptor
    2003: Kathryn Faludi Ball, Photographer
    2004: Philip McKay, Painter
    2005: Alan Young, Painter
    2007: Rebecca Coote, Sculptor/Glass
    2007: Rob O'Connor, Painter 2008: Alicia King, Bio-Artist
    2008: James Newitt, Time-Based Media
    2009: Sara Wright, Ceramicist 2009: Judith Abell, Sculptor
    2010: Cath Robinson, Installation/Sound Artist
    2010: Sonia Heap, Installation Artist Working In Dress
    2011: Alyssa Simone, Digital Media
    2012: Pip Stafford, Media Artist
    2013: Rahni Allan, Multimedia Artist
    2014: Liam James, Photographer

    The Three Ages of Woman by Sonia Heap
Photo © Peter Whyte