Marina Abramović and David Walsh in Conversation

    Marina Abramovic

    Sunday 14 June, 1.30pm
    Odeon Theatre
    Free (bookings required)

    David says that Marina Abramović 'makes [his] balls shrivel'. We wonder if he'll have the balls to tell her that in person, onstage at the Odeon on the occasion of her major new exhibition at Mona.

    Image credit:
    AAA-AAA (video still)
    © Marina Abramović,
    Courtesy of the Marina
    Abramović Archives 



    Returns January 2016
    Mona Lawns

    Lead by MoMa's inimitable First Lady Kirsha Kaechele and her posse of wondrous winged monkeys, the market's fourth outing invites you to revel in the glorious sun-drenched agora (aka the MONA lawns), quaff delicious rainbow unicorn urine cocktails and get up close and personal with your lunch - sourced from a tasty-as selection of pop-up chow and bevvy vendors - before doing battle in a cultural dance-off (ballroom vs. break, ballet vs. krump) or letting your groove thang loose to MoMa's weekly musical marvels. Feel dem summer feels!