4 July, 1-3pm: Zach Spinks
    5 July, 1-4pm: Byron and The Gypsy Cats

    11 July, 1-3pm: Steve and Marjorie Gadd
    12 July, 1-4pm: Paul Sharp and Marj Priebe

    18 July, 1-3pm: Bradfield Dumpleton
    19 July, 1-4pm: Alan Gogoll

    25 July, 1-3pm: Montz Matsumoto
    26 July, 1-4pm: Lynne Griffiths and Alan Badalassi

    1 August, 1-3pm: Ben Salter
    2 August, 1-4pm: Emma Franz Ensemble


    Music all weekend long, every week, curated by Brian Ritchie. If the weather is nice, the music is on the lawns. If it's crap, it's inside the museum.

    Enquiries and suggestions can be sent to