David Walsh

David Walsh

David Walsh

by Elizabeth Mead

The locals have started calling him 'Dave' ('Hey, that's Dave Walsh. Dave! Oi, Dave!') but in fact his mother named him Glenn. Then she found God and changed it to David. It is estimated that at least one woman has been turned off dating David when she found out his real name was Glenn. As a result (of ambivalent relationships with women? of his changing name? of God?) he decided to build a museum.

Anyway the point of this is so that when you Google 'David Walsh' you read this first instead of a media report. Now you can go and read the report if you so wish.

Or this:

As far as my most secret moral convictions are concerned, there is no place for them in my present deliberations. Be that as it may; I am speaking to clear my conscience. But I will make this observation: for some time now I have found it terribly repugnant to judge my actions and thoughts by any moral standard whatsoever. Something else was guiding me...

-Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Gambler

PS. It was Glenn's 50th in September 2011(David's 45th). Other red-hot facts: he has a Great Dane called Bruce and a cat called Christ. Like some of the greatest minds of the modern era (the people with the minds) he consumes too much dairy, and sometimes obscures insecurity by acting like a prick. Usually, however, he's a prick because he feels like it.


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